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The natural home for people coping with cancer

Cancer research and treatment are advancing and improving at a record speed. There are more and more indications that our mental resilience and peace of mind are crucial factors regarding our chances of healing and recovery. Today, there is more evidence of a clear connection between an optimal diet, a balanced physical activity and a balanced and positive mental state, and the ability to maintain good health in general, and during a serious illness in particular.

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Taatzumot  is a non-profit organization, run mostly by volunteers who have met and experienced for themselves the confusion, pain and helplessness involved in receiving the frightening news. The volunteers act out of a sense of mission and strive to bring to the general public the most up-to-date and reliable information.

 Many studies show that our body has healing abilities that are manifested when the challenged person takes responsibility for his/her health and receives personal and accurate guidance and accompaniment.

The association was established in 2012 on the initiative of Ruth Roy Weinstein based on the vision of Prof. Gershom Zichek M.D., cancer researcher, pathologist and family physician.

Since then, Taatzumot has provided thousands people who had faced cancer, and their families, with support, counseling and guidance in the field of integrative medicine, treatment methods, disease prevention and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle, all thanks to many years of focused experience in curing and recovering from cancer.

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In the language of Taatzumot, we are not sick with cancer - we are coping with cancer. We call the journey the "Gym of Cancer" and believe that it is a groundbreaking opportunity to make a difference and start a new life.

Our Credo

In Taatzumot we look at cancer with healthy eyes and believe that we should take responsibility for the recovering and healing process. The association constitutes an anchor for thousands of people who are going through the journey of coping with the disease.

"We are confident that the path to healing and recovery, as well as the ability to live a healthy, happy and interesting life during illness, depend on cultivating what we call MNC: Movement, Nutrition and Consciousness, combined with medical treatment."

The goals of the association

We have set ourselves the goal of offering anybody whose life has been touched by cancer the possibility of a focused journey together with the best doctors, therapists and mentors in Israel, in order to focus on the recovery journey, reduce suffering and save time, money and energy.

We bring up-to-date information about a variety of the most innovative methods and tools that enable anyone coping with cancer to do it in the best and most effective way. We are also a supportive, embracing and reassuring community for those coping with cancer and their families.

The goals of the association

Based on the knowledge and experience acquired, we have developed a tailored integrative solution -"integrative personal Taatzumot" - a one-stop shop for those coping with cancer. A unique venture that brings together a team of physicians and therapists from a variety of disciplines in the fields of nutrition, consciousness and movement, in order to create an optimal and customized healing space for the needs of each person coping with cancer.

We believe that close personal monitoring will help the challenged person and strengthen his personal abilities, so that he will maximize and refine his journey according to his health condition.

Since the outbreak of the corona plague, the association has offered solutions to many across the country who need non-frontal assistance. With online meetings and individual support, we offer specific service accessible to anyone who needs it, by providing lectures, workshops and personal advice.

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